I’ve lived in a continuous powergasm for weeks now. Or had multiple powergasms, whatever you want to call it. And yes, I’m referring to sex but only on an emotional level.

I listed many blog post topics and I thought I should probably tell you something about my school next. But because school has totally consumed me lately and all I’ve been doing is school assignments, today, on my way back home from school, listening to my favorite music, I decided to write about something a little lighter. Since I’m now studying music business (I still can’t believe it) this post is still about the same subject.

You have no idea what I’m talking about? Power metal, of course! My love for power metal started in high school when I couldn’t stop listening to Stratovarius’ album Visions. Next, Sonata Arctica stole my heart for years (see the nostalgic picture). During the years to come, I cheated both of my first loves and now, I’m officially polygamous. I can’t get enough, I’m addicted! The guitars, double bass drumming, amazing vocals… 😍

My powergasm started already in Finland before I came here. I totally, head over heels, fell in love with Beast in Black. I saw them in Helsinki in February and again, in Munich on my way to LA. Here, I’ve been jumping from one crush to another and been totally binging on power metal. Usually, even though I don’t like putting things into boxes, I listen to hard rock and metal more diversely than just power but for some reason, it has given me a lot of energy lately and I can’t stop. In case you’re interested in what I listen or want to have a powergasm yourself, I have compiled a short list of some of my favorites. Powergasm!

Amaranthe – Hunger
Arion (feat Elize Ryd) – At the Break of Dawn
Beast in Black – Beast in Black
Bloodbound – Battle in the Sky
Cyhra – Letter to Myself
DragonForce – Valley of the Damned
Dynazty – The Human Paradox
Ember Falls – Shut Down With Me
Sonata Arctica – Don’t Say a Word
Stratovarius – Eagleheart

And as a bonus, powergasms for drummers: Atte Palokangas Live Drum Cam, Beast in Black – Eternal Fire ❤️🥁

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  1. Thanks for sharing, good thing about US market is that all music style has their audience, and is big enough to support the genre to survive, no matter what is being trendy on mainstream. So, I think the band you’re working with is very good, keep up the good work~


    1. Thanks for the support, Tiantian, it means a lot to me! Being originally from Finland, it’s interesting to see that even though Los Angeles is way bigger than Helsinki the genre seems to be as small. Everyone seems to know everyone, which both makes it easier to connect but also restricts opportunities. However, proactiveness and being genuine can come a long way I think.


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