Welcome to my blog!

Before I left Finland many people asked me to share my experiences here in Los Angeles. So, here we go, I have officially opened my own blog!

It’s been three weeks since I moved from Helsinki to Los Angeles. It feels like three months because so much has happened already.

I’m here because finally four years ago, I realized I could have a career within my passion, music. Music is everything to me; it makes me feel, it lifts me up, it heals, it empowers me. I want to be surrounded by music all the time, including my work.

I’ve been fortunate to work with amazing musicians and other music industry professionals during the past two and a half years as a Merchandise Manager. Touring has lit the spark inside of me that I want to be on the bus, figuratively and literally. Now, I’m here in LA to find my own place within the world of music and see where it leads me.


It was a cruciating journey to get here to be honest with you. I’m not going to go into too much detail but last year wasn’t the easiest one for me by any means. Finally, three weeks ago I packed my bags (including my dog Iggy) and flew to Munich. I decided to have a pit stop there to see a show of two amazing bands: Rhapsody and Beast in Black. Because why not? It kinda fit the theme of coming here for music. The show was amazing and definitely a night to remember! The next day, I left Europe behind me to start a new life.


I stayed at my friends’ place in West Hollywood at first. I’m forever grateful for them for letting me stay at their house! I’ve known them for the past three and a half years and they are, as they call me, family. If you like metal you should definitely check out their band Art of Shock, they’re amazing!

This week I moved into my first own apartment in the same neighborhood only to flee the place yesterday because of renovation. Well, at least I’ll have a newly renovated apartment when I get back later this week. It’s a comfy studio super close to Melrose Avenue, which is full of restaurants, bars and shops.

School (UCLA Extension’s Music Business Certificate Program) started last week with an introductory day and on Monday, I had my first class on artist management. I already knew it before but the first class confirmed it that I don’t really know much about this business. However, it also confirmed that I’m in the right place, in the heart of the music industry and with hard work, I can reach my dream! I have already met so many interesting people and this is only the beginning.


Of course, I have also seen some gigs already because I simply can’t live without them. My friend invited me to see their gig as the other opening band for Ministry in Anaheim. There’s another band you should check out: The God Bombs. I know them from New York. My friend used to work at the rehearsal studios where I practiced. For those who don’t know, I lived in New York a little over than a year in 2013-2014 interning for UNICEF’s Innovation Unit. I also checked out Watain in Hollywood with some new friends with whom I went Easter hiking last Sunday.


I’m starting to wander because there’s so much to tell. But I’ll try to blog regularly from now on and keep the posts brief so not to bore you. And, please let me know what you would like to hear/read and I can share some specified experiences, for sure!

Also, I’ll add some music in my posts to share what’s important and current for me. Here’s some more:

❤ right now: Beast in Black, The Bee by Amorphis


6 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog!

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  1. Hi I’m Lily from Taiwan, the one you meet in the social activity and also study in music business.
    “It feels like three months because so much has happened already.” I feel the same way, too !!!
    It’s cool to read about your story and you have so much passion in music.
    I’ve never worked in music industry before but always wanted to do that, so that’s why I come to LA.


    1. Hi Lily and thanks for your kind words! What is great about the program we’re attending is that we don’t have to have prior experience. I’m sure we’ll learn so much together during the next 1-1.5 years!


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