Who is Erika behind Erika’s Rock Universe?

Hi and welcome to my website!

My name is Erika Pursiainen. I’m a freelance Tour Manager, Stage Manager, and Merchandise Manager. I also run my own merchandising business From Crew to Crew Merch

I’m originally from Finland and I currently live in Los Angeles, CA. Probably because of my origin, I live and breathe hard rock and heavy metal music.

This website is about my journey in the music industry toward my dream career in live music and touring. I write about my experiences in live entertainment and showcase live music professionals in various positions. I also like to share interesting articles and industry resources.

I hope to create conversation and new connections and by that, help anyone who wants to work in live music to build their knowledge about the industry. Feel free to comment and request for subjects you would like me to write about. Or maybe you just want to read about my career, that’s okay too. I hope you’ll find my website valuable and interesting. 

You can read more about me here

You can also read blog posts about my work in live music and touring in the category Who is Erika?

Feel free to roam around and enjoy! 🤘❤️

8 thoughts on “Who is Erika behind Erika’s Rock Universe?

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  1. Hi, It seems like you are doing well, and I hope you will keep doing well, I always like the resource you share, so please keep sharing the stuff you found.


  2. Hey Erika! I know you from the music business program, and I love your website! 🙂 Just started to read this and excited to read more and to see what’s coming next for you in the future… 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for visiting, Angelika! I’ve realized that blogging is also a good way to reflect my own experiences, and not just a way to share them with others. Hope you’ll become a regular visitor! 🙌😊


  3. Hey Erika love you post. It is so funny because during my high school time all my friends and my young brother love heavy metal. I love when somebody today says that still enjoying it. Congrats.


    1. Hi! Thanks for the nice words! Believe me, I’m not the only one. Even if rock and metal are currently slightly underground the scene is still there! 🤘


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