Young Gun Tour Manager’s Lessons from the Road: The Flawless Smile Tour #4 Resources

Since I also want to share information beyond my own experiences (and keep my posts clean enough), I’ll post separately some resources related to my touring blog posts. These resource posts are directly linked to the equivalent touring posts so you can always revert back to them if you don’t remember what I’m talking about – here’s the original post.

Here are some resources I think both music business students and professionals might find interesting and beneficial related to tour itineraries and daily planning on the road:

  1. As I already mentioned in the original post, I used Google Docs to manage all the information about the tour. I organized it in a format that let me see each day and show separately and move easily from one show to another. I developed the file on the go when I found better ways to use it. I only shared parts of it with the band so not to overload them with information and let them concentrate on their own responsibilities on the road. Many tour managers use tools like Master Tour or Artist Growth to create tour itineraries but unfortunately, they are not free. I also wanted to have more information in the same place beyond what these tools allow.
  2. As simple and obvious as it may sound, email was one of the main communication channels with the venues. I also used Facebook Messenger, text messages, and phone calls when dealing with all parties on tour: my band, the band publicist, press, other bands and crew, and the venues. However, in terms of daily activities, face-to-face communication was by far the most important tool of all.
  3. When stage managing, I used my phone to communicate any changes or updates in set times to the band and keep up with the set time. I couldn’t just walk on stage or through the crowd to talk to the band in the middle of the show but I was able to catch their attention with (big) text on my phone screen.

These sound pretty simple and obvious, right? What resources have you used when managing daily routines on the road?

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