The Show Must Go On Face Mask Officially Launches From Crew to Crew Merch

Yesterday was a big day for me because I launched my own business From Crew to Crew Merch. Looking back, the business had been unconsciously developing in my mind for years and the unfortunate pandemic made me move forward with the idea. You can read the full story behind From Crew to Crew Merch here and find out how I ended up offering merchandise from one live music crew member to another.

Today, I’m excited to announce the first product from From Crew to Crew Merch: a face mask with a motivational print The Show Must Go On! What item could be more current in this situation? You can wear this face mask now to keep yourself safe in public places and it will be handy when the shows eventually go on again. The print The Show Must Go On is also a statement that the live music industry will survive this crisis and we will provide amazing live music experiences when it’s safe to do so again.

You can see more details about the mask and buy it at my online store

I hope you’ll like it as much as I do myself! I have already gotten feedback that it’s very soft and people have loved the distinctive print. If you have anything to ask or would like to suggest another merchandise item for From Crew to Crew Merch feel free to email me at

I want to offer my special thanks to Graphic Designer Chris Aguirre II for designing the mask artwork and the logo and visual branding elements for the new business with me. I really couldn’t have done this without Chris and I’m forever thankful for all his help with my business launch. If you’re interested in his skilled work you can check his portfolio and contact him for any graphic design needs, incl. logo design, art recreation, photo retouching, and color separations. He is also a talented musician and has worked as a guitar and drum tech.

I also want to thank the amazing crew members who have already modeled or promised to model the mask for me. Who would be better models for crew merch than the crew members themselves? I really can’t thank them enough and I hope they know how much their continuous support means to me. You can see more pictures of them rocking the mask in the online store and read their inspiring interviews on my blog.

I will continue offering my support for my fellow crews and publish more interviews with live music professionals. In the meanwhile, you can support them by reading the already published stories here. It is important that we support each other in this difficult situation and stand strong together because The Show Must Go On!

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