Showcasing Professionals in Live Music: Interview with Blu Valdivia, Security Lead

The third person I’m showcasing represents a role in live music that is not necessarily the first one to come to mind when thinking about different people working at shows, yet extremely important for a successful concert.

I worked closely with Blu and the rest of the security team last summer when I interned with Levitt Pavilion Los Angeles as a Stage Manager. She made sure that us, the production crew, and the performers we were working with were kept safe on stage, backstage and at FOH. In cooperation with Blu and her team, I coordinated the day of show credentials, kept security updated about the program and reported any disruptions on stage and backstage to get immediate assistance. 

In addition to ensuring the crew and performers’ safety before, during and after the shows, Blu and the security team made sure every concert of ours was as safe as it was entertaining, for all parties involved, incl. the audience, vendors, sponsors, all of Levitt crew and volunteers, and the performers anywhere at the concert premises. This is Blu’s story, representing women leaders in live music.

Security and production promoting Levitt sponsors
From left to right: Jose Torres (security), Andrew Perez (production), Ivan Hernandez (production), Blu Valdivia (security) at Levitt Pavilion Los Angeles. Photo credit: Matthew Himes

Please tell me a little bit about yourself and what you do at Levitt.

My name is Blu, I’ve been a security guard since I was 18 years old. The job mostly is about observing what people don’t typically take the time to look at. I also prevent any negative vibes, it’s all about positivity.

At Levitt I was a normal guard up until Matt Himes and/or Heidi Snyder really liked how I present and handle myself so I became lead. New responsibilities of course but keeping the crew safe was always my number one priority. 

What have you done before and how did you end up working at Levitt?

I was actually at another company working in the film industry. I got to be at CBS main stages as an officer and secure the area. I got to see shows like The Price is Right, Survivor, and NCIS (w/ Mark Harmon). I fan girl over NCIS being there was truly amazing!

How I ended up at Levitt well Big Lou, which is my head supervisor, wanted at least a female guard that spoke Spanish who had leader type role. Upon my interview with him he inspired and encouraged me into becoming one of the best guards I can possibly be. First day of the concerts Lou told me “Welcome to Levitt” I was stoked!

What’s the best thing about your work?

Dang this is a hard one, but I would say meeting a bunch of great, amazing, inspirational, and goofy people. People as far as the crew, volunteers, and staff. I learned a lot from each individual and kept my mind open. 

What’s the biggest challenge in your work?

The biggest challenge I would have to address is probably trying to keep your cool when someone is trespassing or just being loud. I don’t like being mean to people, as funny as that may seem, but it is difficult to try to calm people down by just using words and when there isn’t really much I can do. I do cope with it though and grown a lot from it. 

What would you like to say to a person who wants to be a security guard?

I would start with saying that it’s not an easy job. Security work is not meant for everyone but the job does come with great experiences and of course bad ones, but the bad ones are typically the best because you grow and you mold yourself into a leader. 

Feel free to promote yourself and your services, how people can find you on social media, etc. 

I do have Instagram, Facebook, and Snap. Add me on everything lol letting people goes a long way!

Facebook: Alex Valdivia
Instagram: Alex_Bleu01
Snapchat: Alex_Blu15

Current news about the live music industry:
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