Young Gun Tour Manager’s Lessons from the Road: The Flawless Smile Tour #3 Resources

Since I also want to share information beyond my own experiences (and keep my posts clean enough), I’ll post separately some resources related to my touring blog posts. These resource posts are directly linked to the equivalent touring posts so you can always revert back to them if you don’t remember what I’m talking about – here’s the original post.

Here are some resources I think both music business students and professionals might find interesting and beneficial related to accommodation and catering on the road:

  1. I had to do a lot of research when finding hotels for us. I used for example:
    1. app (and paid close attention to their secret prices),
    2. (and googled Motel 6 online discount coupons),
    3. AAA rates and discounts, and
    4. some websites that compare hotel search engines and hotels.
  2. Just like I mentioned in my previous resource post, I used Google Maps a lot. Also, when booking hotels to define how to divide the long drives and where to stay for the night.
  3. Because my own phone plan didn’t allow sharing a hotspot with my laptop, I had to rely on the others’ hotspots. And they really were a life savior! My work would have been a lot harder without my laptop.
  4. I used Google Sheets for budgeting and bookkeeping.
  5. Being a vegan, I have relied on an app called Happy Cow a lot already before the tour. I used it to find vegan-friendly restaurants on the road. It’s not very helpful in small places (because there simply aren’t many vegan-friendly restaurants in small towns or in the middle of nowhere) but it was useful when we stopped in bigger cities.

What resources have you used when figuring out accommodation and eating on tour?


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