Industry Resources: Bobnet 

Everybody in the touring business knows this website. Or at least should know.


“Bobnet is a place where experienced Roadies can find and apply for tour-related jobs, fill-in gigs between their regular touring gigs, and local fill-ins, too.  Seeing the Job Posts on Bobnet requires a membership, which requires prior approval.  

In 1996, after TM’ing the opening act on The Scorpions summer tour, I received a phone call from a management firm in LA, asking if I knew of any available Production Managers.  I emailed someone I knew about the job, and thus was born Bobnet.

For over 20 years, Bobnet was operated as an Email Blast List.  A Facebook Group page was added in 2013 – the Bobnet Facebook page is a great community forum for touring folks, where the many members are willing and able to answer any questions you might have about touring.  We encourage you to join it.”

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